Free Pickup & Delivery

Camelot Dry Cleaners is now coming to your doorstep! Save time and gas with our FREE Pickup & Delivery Service. Our delivery van will visit your neighborhood/office once a week, on specified days, for pickup and delivery. We will pickup/drop off your garments at a prescribed location. You get exactly the same high-quality service that Camelot delivers in our store. The same finesse. The same unique, and high quality work. All without costing you more than you’d pay in our store.

To get started, simply fill out the form below and provide the best phone number to contact you, your address, and roughly how many dry cleaning garments you will have every week to and our staff will contact you to get you started and ensure you are in our coverage zone (all of St. Lucie County – Fort Pierce, Torino, St. Lucie West, Port St. Lucie, and Tradition).

Please note, Pickup & Delivery requires a minimum of four Dry Clean garments or 10 Laundered Shirts. 

Expert Alterations

Need garment alterations but not sure where to go? Camelot Dry Cleaners has you covered! We provide expert alteration services including hemming, waist increase/reduction, dress/gown alterations, suit alterations, button replacement, tear/rip fixes, and other alterations. Please stop by anytime with your alteration garments and we will inspect and take the needed measurements on the spot.

Dry Cleaning

At Camelot Dry Cleaners, we go above and beyond to ensure you look your best.

For certain delicate fabrics and hand-finished garments, dry cleaning is a safe and effective way to clean and maintain garments in their optimal condition. Camelot Dry Cleaners excels at the art of dry cleaning based on decades of experience combined with pride in all of our work.

Our seven-point inspection follows the following process:

  1. Reading Care Labels
  2. Checking for stains, tears, and fabric weaknesses
  3. Advanced pre-spotting and stain removal
  4. Processing the garments with various cleaning with methods
  5. Pressing using our state-of-the art equipment
  6. Final inspection for stains and missing items
  7. Packaging final order

We even replace cracked buttons and tighten loose threads for free. Our dry cleaning process uses some of the most advanced dry cleaning techniques and detergents. The result? Garments that look better and last even longer.

Wet Cleaning / Hand Washing

For certain delicate fabrics and hand-finished garments, Wet Cleaning or Hand Washing processes are required. At Camelot, we inspect every garment at drop off and follow the care label instructions to ensure your garments are cleaned in their most appropriate manner. 

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Laundry / Household / Wash & Fold

Laundry pilling up every week? Tired of having to wash, dry, and fold your laundry every week? Utility costs keep going up? Camelot Dry Cleaners has you covered! Our professional Wash & Fold service takes care of all your regular laundry needs and gives you back valuable time to attend to more important things in life. Please note, our Wash & Fold Service requires a minimum of 20Lbs of laundry. 

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Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Want to look your best on your Wedding Day? Already had your big day and want to preserve your beautiful Wedding Gown? Camelot Dry Cleaners provides professional Wedding Gown Cleaning, Pressing, and Preservation services to ensure you look at your best on your big day and your memories are preserved for future generations!

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Pressed for time? Hate Ironing? Take advantage of our Press-Only service and let Camelot Dry Cleaners take care of all your ironing needs so that you get back your valuable time to do what you love! Your garments will get a crisp professional finish and have you looking you sharpest!

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